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Many of the messages have been converted from very old tapes,
so the sound quality may be lacking.
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        "The Effects Of True Humility" by Tim Rutherford
        "Where Are The Nine?" by Tim Rutherford
        "Blessed Are The Pure In Heart" by Tim Rutherford
        "The Author Of The Eclipse" by Justin White
        "Getting Something From Christ" by Tim Rutherford
        "Christ Has All Power" by Justin White
        "We Serve A Risen Lord" by Justin White
        "How Abraham Saw Jesus' Day" by Justin White
        "The Man Given Light" by Justin White
        "He Took Me" by Tim Rutherford
        "Recipe for Salvation" by Edgar Paschall
        "A Picture Of God's Power" by Shane Davenport
        "The Power of God's Pursuit" by Shane Davenport
I Am The Bread of Life" #4 by Justin White
        "God With Us" - Justin White
        "I Am The Bread Of Life" #3 - Justin White
        "I Am The Bread Of Life" #2  Justin White
        "I Am The Bread Of Life" #1 - Justin White
        "How Many Get In The Gate?" by Tim Rutherford
       "Would You Be Qualified To Follow Paul?" by Tim Rutherford
       "Don't Just Stand Around The Gate" by Tim Rutherford
        "The Parable of The Lost And Found" by Edgar Paschall
       "Compassion and Certainty" by Justin White
       "God Visiting" by Tim Rutherford
       "Behold The Lamb Of God" by Justin White
       "Look Unto Me" by Justin White
       "Are You Going Further? by Tim Rutherford
       "Unwilling To Be Saved by Justin White
       "The Urgent Need For Fire" by Tim Rutherford
       The Responsibility Of Man by Justin White
       The Sum & Substance Of Salvation by Justin White
       Jesus Is The Bread Of Life by Brandon White
       Show Me Thy Glory by Brandon White
       The Sovereign Is Setting In His Sanctuary by Brandon White
       The Cross by Al Wentzel
       The Son Of Man Is Come by Tim Rutherford
       The Mercies Of Moriah by Justin White
       Awake! by Justin White
       Higher Ground by Tim Rutherford
       The Heart Cry Of Hosea by Justin White
       An Open Door by Tim Rutherford
       The Labor Of The Bride by Tim Rutherford
       Why Men Don't Believe by Tim Rutherford
       Jesus Can by Tim Rutherford
       Jesus Redeems Lost Sinners by Brandon White
       The Happy Hope & The Radiant Revealing by Brandon White
       Mega Faith by Billie Prince Jr.
       Sin Fooled Me, Religion Failed Me, Law Frowned Upon Me, But Grace Found Me by Brandon White
       Temptation by Al Wentzel
       Salvation Is Of The Lord by Brandon White
       Salvation In Romans 8 by Al Wentzel
       Why? by Al Wentzel
       Forgiveness by Al Wentzel
       Counting The Cost by Al Wentzel
       The Threefold Imputation by Al Wentzel
       Recovery by Billie Prince Jr.
       God Had A Purpose With Joseph by Tim Rutherford
       Being Used Of The Lord by Tim Rutherford
       Change by Al Wentzel
       God Is Good To Put A Preacher In Your Life Who Wouldn't Quit by Tim Rutherford
       The Right Reaction To Calamities That Come In Life by Kyle Reeder
       Exposition Of Ephesians 2 byAl Wentzel
       Lessons From A Box by Al Wentzel
       A Preacher Who Wouldn't Quit by Tim Rutherford
       What Is Christianity & Who Is It For? by Kyle Reeder
       What Stirred Paul To Preach The Way He Did? by Tim Rutherford
       God Being With Us Or We Will Not Get Anything Done by Tim Rutherford
       Revelation by Al Wentzel
       Welcoming Words To Seeking Sinners by Justin White

Sermon Series by Edgar Paschall

      Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 8
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 7
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 6
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 5
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 4
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 3
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 2
Without Holiness No Man Shall See The Lord - Part 1

Bro. Percy Ray

     Have Faith In God
     The Cry for Revival
     Christ Is Coming
     Which Way Will You Choose?
     The Naked Man In A Country Graveyard
     I Would Have Liked To Have Been There And I Was
     Held By The Hand Of God
     Where Would You Pitch Your Tent?
     Four Types of Church Members
     The Anchor of the Church
     Demon Infested America
     There Goes The Ships
     The Great Salvation
     God Hath Need Of You
     The Broad Way And The Narrow Way
     Dangers Of Delay
     What Do You Have In Your Well
     What Did God Call You For?
     Exceedingly Sinful
     The Word Of God
     Stay In The Book
     The Way That Seemeth Right
     The Power That Came On The Day Of Pentecost
     A Religion That Does Not Satisfy

Bro. Edgar Paschall

     Plumbline Salvation (Preached at Camp Zion)
     Unbeatable Combination (Preached at Camp Zion)
     Stay Out of the Ditch (Preached at Camp Zion)
     Encounters on the Narrow Way (Preached at Calvary Baptist Church)
     The Missing Principle in Many Professions of Salvation
     We Have a Great God
     Saved By Losing
     The Lord Does the Opening
     The Results of Sin if Left Alone
     You May be Sicker Than You Think
     What The Spirit Does in Hearts and Lives
     What Will You Do in the Day of Visitation?
     Will We Cry Out or Wait Until It Is Too Late?
     Who Locked The Crib Door?
     ABC's of the Gospel
     Count The Cost
     Signs of His Coming
     A God Who Is Able
     Must I Relocate To Be Saved?
     Inoculated With The Gospel

Bro. Paul Ragland

     Is It Lawful To Put Away Thy Mate? (Preached at Camp Zion)
     Salvation By Grace (Preached at Camp Zion)

Bro. Charles Shipman

     The Glory of Salvation
     The Glory of The New Birth (Preached at Camp Zion)
     The Struggle To Find The Gate
     It's Real
     Salvation Compared To Marriage

Bro. Tim Rutherford

     The Law of the Harvest
     Our God Is Narrow

Bro. Luther Price

     Bible Salvation
     Principles In The Bible
     Preconcieved Ideas 

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